Ilsoari Gandethus

A retired adventurer who runs the Turandarok Academy, part school and part orphanage.


Ilsoari is a 60 yr. old Chelaxian male, and always seems faintly amused. This weird man is extremely short for a human and althought 60 judging by the looks of him, he seems to be 120 years old.


A retired adventurer who volunteered to be the academy’s headmaster if he could have the basement of the two-story building to himself. The town agreed, and today, the rooms below the Academy are almost a museum of the strange things and trophies Ilsoari has collected over his years of adventuring. Gandethus used to be a much more serious folk when he first came to Sandpoint..

Today, famous about his games, Gandethus had a great time playing a game of riddles with a sorcerer adveturer called Sergei, mostly because he never lost.

Ilsoari Gandethus

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