Jakardros Sovark

The eldest of the remaining Black Arrows



Father-in-law to Shalelu, this skilled bowman was filled with grief and left Crying Leaf when Shalelu’s mother was killed during a dragon attack. He was rescued by our heroes from torture and certain death at the hands of the Grauls. He seemed confused but happy to have been reunited with Shalelu.
For many years second-in-command of Fort Rannick under Captain Bayden, Jakardros saw his commander carried off by the ogres just as his patrol arrived at Fort Rannick—too late to aid in its defense. He lost a third of his men in an attempt to retake the fort, and when they were forced to flee south into Kreegwood, the remaining men were easy targets. Jakardros carries the loss of Fort Rannick heavily and feels it was his fault that the ogres were able to take it. Had he been a bit more prompt on his patrol, he would have been back in time to help defend the place.

Jakardros Sovark

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