Riana Mvashti.

Varisian fortune-teller


She comes by lots of names and titles. The All-Seeing, the Prophet, Hajeck and Riana are all the same person. A weird, beautifull and according to Varisians powerfull fortune-teller.


She made her appearance just after the first murders in Sandpoint speaking about a Prophecy that foretold the PCs’ significant role in Varisian history. She then performed a Harrowing to Burg, Kitsa, Vasili and Sergei saying that their meeting was happening for their own good. Still..she was acting weirdly and seemed nervous.. She is Madame Mvashti’s daugther and most of the content of the harrowing and the Prophecy is still a mystery to the PCs.

Riana Mvashti.

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