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I do not claim any kind of ownership of the content on this page. Everything is posted to be used by the party of A strange campaign. Most of the content here is already published material by Paizo Publishing. More specifically:

Most of the art in this page has been published by Paizo company for the Pathfinder RPG so all rights reserved by Paizo and the artists that are cooperating with Paizo.

The setting information within the campaign section of the Wiki is content from The Rise of the Runelords and its Setting copywrite material reserved, Pathfinder Inner Sea World Guide copywrite material reserved, Pathfinder Core Rule Books copywrite material reserved, and contents from other Paizo Publishing material used only for the purpose of running a game in that setting, or was created by the community on pathfinderwiki.com.

A strange campaign’s player characters were created by their players. Non-player characters were either created by m0bious, or are canon NPC’s from Rise of the Runelords and the Pathfinder Setting.


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