Identifying magic items


any of us forget about those rules..Sometimes, its true, to keep the pace, its better to ignore them…But the question remains, how to Identify an Item? So here is the answer:

1. Identify it is Magical.

  • DC (25) Appraise Check (1 Round)
  • If this method is used, no retry is allowed by the same person.
  • Only way to determine if the item is just Masterwork.
  • Cast Detect Magic (3 Rounds)
  • This method will not determine if an item is just Masterwork.

2. Identify the Properties.

  • Maximum attempts: Once per 24 Hours per Item.
  • Requires Identify or Detect Magic Cast.
  • DC (15 + Caster Level) Spellcraft (3 Rounds per item)
  • Must be able to thoroughly examine the object.

Spellcraft DCs for Magical/Enhanced Items: DC is the Highest of all of the enhancement/magical bonuses.

MINIMUM Caster Level is 3*Enhancement Bonus
- +1 = CL3 (DC18)
- +2 = CL6 (DC21)
- +3 = CL9 (DC24)
- +4 = CL12 (DC27)
- +5 = CL15 (DC30)

All other items are Spell based. Note that Magical Properties (such as Brilliant Energy) are Spell based. (Brilliant Energy requires gaseous form, continual flame and is A CL16 (DC31).)

For example: a +4 (DC27) Brilliant Energy (DC31) Armor would require a DC31 Spellcraft Check in order to identify that it is a +4 Brilliant Energy Armor. Otherwise, you just know it’s magical.

  • Tips:
    1. You can use a DC30 Knowledge (arcana) or Knowledge (history) check to identify a command word. (see magic item rules)
    2. A Perception check can also tell you the properties of a potion (DC15 + caster level).

Identifying magic items

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