Schools of Magic in Varisia


Varisia hosts several centers of arcane learning. Noted
here are the most prominent, along with details to help
characters incorporate them into their backgrounds.




Location: Korvosa
Focus: All schools (with a focus on conjuration)
Founded on strict Chelish principles and with a reputation
in line with that harsh country’s, the Acadamae is known
for its grim professors, student rivalries, dark ambitions,
and accidents involving fiendish summonings. Those who
undergo the Acadamae’s curriculum can come to master
any school of magic, though many at the school favor
conjuration. Given its stringent focus on traditional
arcana, nearly all of the Acadamae’s students are wizards.




Location: Magnimar
Focus: Transmutation and Craft skills
More a magical industry than a school, the Golemworks
crafts magical constructs, ranging from simple animated
objects to actual golems, for the wealthy and eccentric.
These workshops use stone from Magnimar’s famous
Irespan in many of their constructions, and have
pioneered the invention of new magical constructs and
properties. They take on only a few apprentices each year,
and those tend to focus their studies on transmutation,
various skills that aid in the creation of constructs, or
general studies that allow them to master a wide array
of spells useful in construct creation. Students of the
Golemworks are often wizards or alchemists with the
Craft Construct feat (see Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Magic
for a variety of additional construct creation options).

Cypher lodge


ypher Lodge

Location: Riddleport
Focus: Divination and transmutation
The Cypher Lodge is the headquarters of the Order of
Cyphers, colloquially known as cyphermages, who seek
to unravel the secrets and mysterious magic of Varisia’s
monuments and lost cultures. The fractious group accepts
spellcasters of all walks, but most members see one
another as rivals rather than peers or mentors. Those
who begin their careers with connections to the Cypher
Lodge likely served as assistants to other members, and
have considerable insight into Knowledge (history) and
Linguistics. Spells unique to cyphermages can be found
in the cyphermage prestige class appears in Inner Sea Magic.


tone of the Seers

Location: Magnimar
Focus: Abjuration and divination
This small, elite school of wizards lies near the famed
Seerspring Garden, where it’s said an oracular water spirit
once dwelled (or, perhaps, still does). Small classes teach
the worthiest and most talented of Magnimar’s wouldbe
casters how to use the arcane arts to reveal mysteries
and defend life, much as the spirit of the Seerspring once
did. Students of the Stone of Seers are typically wizards,
though oracles sometimes join their ranks as well.


wilight Academy

Location: Galduria
Focus: Universal and Varisian traditional magic
Founded in the quiet community of Galduria, the
Twilight Academy teaches serious students a holistic
vision of the arcane arts, free of instructor agendas or
power-hungry squabbling. These elements, along with
the academy’s out-of-the-way placement, attract many
Varisians interested in the powers of the harrow and
other Varisian traditions, such as tattoo magic (see
Inner Sea Magic). Most students of the Twilight Academy
become universalist wizards, but their broad outlook
and range of study means that magi, oracles, sorcerers,
and witches often number among their ranks.


Schools of Magic in Varisia

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