What Is Thassilon?

Sihedron seal


his mysterious name won’t ring a bell with most residents of Varisia. Outside of the libraries and lecture halls of the region’s academics, few have heard of Thassilon, or else they know the name only in vague association with the land’s most legendary monuments or times of fantastic antiquity. The Shoanti and Varisians shun the word, relating it to myths of dark magic and terrible tyrants. Many explorers have a very different reaction, though, sharing reports of powerful arcana and fabulous treasures found in nameless ruins. The truth of this topic is a far more difficult thing to discover, often requiring considerable research, advice from a knowledgeable expert, or the discovery of relics alien to the modern age.

What did the PCs found until now??


he PC’s (especialy Burg and Vassili) gained some knowledge on the matter from their many adventures untill now and with the help of friends like Brodert Quink. This knowledge is nothing more than simple informations and some of them are the following:

The sprawling empire of Thassilon covered much of the known world thousands of years ago and was powered by conquest and sophisticated magic. Thassilon was ruled by god-like wizards wielding a type of rune magic whose secrets even the most learned scholars today can only guess at. With the labor of their enslaved armies of all kinds of powerfull “allies”, these wizard-demigods built immense magical monuments, many of which lie in visible ruins today (many of the ruins in Varisia are also exceptionally well-preserved). The purpose of most of these structures has been lost to time, but sometimes traces of their ancient magic remains, much to the chagrin of those who would explore these ruins further.

Thassilon was completely destroyed, by an unknown cataclysm, and more than 5 explanations exist about how, why or who was behind this terrible turn of events.

How did it all started? Why did the PC’s got interested?


t all started with the appearance of a strange symbol, known as The Sihedron Rune. The Sihedron, a seven-pointed star which symbolized the seven virtues of rule of early Thassilon, a meaningfull symbol for the whole empire. With the decline of the empire, the rune became more closely associated with the seven vices instead.

This symbol was found on a few of Nualia’s effects (see also: Sihedron Medallion) and carved into some of Aldern Foxglove’s victims, then found again carved in victims of a strange cult of Norgrober in Magnimar.

Spells of Thassilon

Relics of Thassilon



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