A strange campaign

Sad events are Sad. Weird events are Weird.
The Prophecy and..The Fiend?!?

Riana’s Sayings

ou think they’re just cards? Just pictures and words good for gambling or faking townsfolk out of a few coppers? Go on and think that—I don’t mind. My cards know where you’ve been and where you’re going. And it’s not pretty. Not at all. So, walk away. Or stop and learn to turn the few remaining pages of the story of your life into a novel worth the telling. Or don’t. After all, they’re only cards..

he cards are your family—your cousins, sisters, sons, and parents. Never will you feel greater love or more fierce hate than when looking into their souls. Approach each card as a unique individual. No one gives their secrets to someone they don’t trust. Be sure the cards trust you.

-Riana, Varisian harrower


Madame Niska Mvashti

As everything until now, wasn’t enough..

Rest in Peace

irst of all to the brave defenders who died in battle and never surrendered, women and men, members of the Order. And then, to the stubborn warriors and rangers who died during the battle against the brutes in the quest of retaking the Black Fort of Rannick : Second-in-command Jakardros Sovark, Knight Vale Temros

No posthumous fame should be granted, whatever the reasons, to the first and hopefully last traitor, to the first and last Former member of the order Kaven Windstrike, the only fame after death of whom should be his punishment by decapitation.

And then, the Fort . Retaking Rannick
Sweat, urine, and blood. No escape. Battle to the end.

An Unexpected Encounter
Gargantuan helping hand.

At First, The Graul Farm
wicked and sick


Arxisan oi diakopes kai arxise tis mlkies o dm mas!

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